Specialist services to manage your website when you can't

Long term website maintenance, hosting & domain management

Let us take care of making sure your website stays online. More...

Keep your website online after you die

Let us make sure your website stays online long term. More...

Archive your website

Don't want your website available publicly, but want to make sure it can be seen if requested? More...

Launch your website when you die

Want to launch a website after your death? More...

Keep personal information online after your death

A service for people who want to maintain a simple contact details or personal information page online after death More...

Manage revenue from your website after your death

If your website generates income, make sure that your spouse/partner or children continue to benefit after your death More...

What happens to your website when you die?

Read our informative article. More...

Perpetual Websites - specialist website management and hosting service

Do you have a website that you want to keep live on the internet, long after you are unable manage your site or pay the hosting fees yourself?

If so, you have come to the right place. Our clients include scientists, musicians, teachers, writers, authors - anyone who has a website that they would like to keep live for many years to come.

Our service addresses questions like:

What happens to to my website if I am unable to look after it myself?


What happens if I don't pay my website's hosting fees?

What happens if I forget to renew my domain name?

What happens to my website if I die? How can I keep it live?


The answer to all these questions is simple. Your website, along with all its content, will be closed down and lost long term if you don't pay your hosting and domain name renewal fees. That's where Perpetual Websites can help.

Perpetual websites is a specialist hosting and management service that can ensure that your website is keep live on the Internet, long after you are unable to maintain the website yourself.

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What happens to your website or blog when you pass away?

Read our informative article - What happens to your website when you die?